Intuition By Nadia

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 Nadia Angelini            * Intuitive * Life Coach *

Nadia has been working with clients as an intuitive, since 2005.  She has worked with individuals, groups, couples, children, and teens in the Los Angeles area, and over the phone or via Skype in other states and countries. 

She is a LA native and since the age of three was told she had a "gift."  She could always feel and see the truth behind the facade, or walls people would put up.  She could "sense" what was underneath and predict where the energy was moving. That would result in intimate knowledge of people without knowing them and psychic predictions.

As an adult Nadia fine-tuned her gift to truly be of service to people. In 2001 she began working with healers, counselors, and Reiki masters in search of the best way to truly change patterns and be free from past "baggage" and trauma.  Nadia's unique way of working disarms the defenses and facilitates a deeper level of healing. She has an innate understanding of human emotion and psychology.  She always comes with empathy, compassion, and is non-judgmental. 

In 2004 she began working with Dee Wallace Stone (actress/healer) who helped her further developed her skills in working with people.  Nadia worked many workshops with Dee and started to build her own client base.  Since then Nadia has been working with clients around the world, through referral only.  Only now has she opened up her practice to the public. 

Listen to Nadia Hosting Dee's Radio show:

July 6, 2014

Feb. 22, 2015:

 "A clear voice and connection with Source.  Her insight is always enlightening and expansive, even for fellow healers!   “-Dee Wallace Stone (healer/teacher/actress)