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*Intuitive Life Coach *

You have the power to change your life.

A Note From Nadia.....

My intention is to help people in the strongest, most facilitating way possible. I want to aid my clients in gaining self-mastery and alignment with their true selves. It is my hope that you walk away from every session feeling hopeful, uplifted, and open.

I want you to see results and feel like you are getting something out of each session. I believe that you are the master of your life and only you can choose to make a change.

I work on balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit/Energy, as one issue can contaminate all three, which creates disharmony.  If the body is out of balance then the mind follows, and your energy/emotion triggers a negitive response.  I can give you the tools and insight for what can help you specifically.

In sessions I allow you and your energy to guide me and show me what you need.  The intention is to release all blocks, beliefs, baggage, trauma or past training which are keeping you from living the life experience you want to have.

I encourage my clients to learn to trust themselves, be accountable and move into their full empowerment.

I use a combination of counseling, intuition, energy movement, channeling, and  guided meditation in my sessions.

Listen to yourself.  If you feel called to work with me, I will be here to help in the best way I can.

Thank You,  Nadia

What Is Intuitive Life Coaching?

Intuitive Life Coaching is a new, innovative alternative to traditional therapy that incorporates a spiritual approach.  It identifies your core issues with the intention of creating meaningful change in your life. It promotes personal growth and empowerment by addressing all the challenges you are facing.

An intuitive has the ability to sense subtle energies, beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are driving the decisions you make in your life, either consciously or subconsciously.  An intuitive is able to get right to the core of a problem or issue without direct information from the client, and focuses on the root of the problem rather than its symptoms.  The belief is, if one does not deal with the core issue, problems continue to manifest themselves in multiple areas of one's life. 

Issues manifest on 3 levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually (mind/body/energy).  An intuitive is solution-oriented and can give you specific steps to create the change you desire.  

How Is Intuitive Life Coaching Different?

An intuitive focuses on solutions and can feel, intuitively, what is best for each individual. Each of us has a unique sensibility and energy, and needs to be treated on an individual basis. Traditional therapy is limited to the information a patient discloses and to his or her therapist.  Much time is often dedicated to exploring the patient's background and family dynamic.  Not everyone responds to a traditional therapist's treatment, which can sometimes take years to complete. 

With an intuitive Sessions are more interactive than traditional therapy, as the intuitive engages, pushes, and challenges the client in a loving, positive, and encouraging manner, to work towards dealing with individual patterns and core issues.  An intuitive can sense our deepest thoughts and help uncover and release traumas, fears, addictive patterns, depression, and anxiety which are often the source of many physical and emotional imbalances.


An intuitive listens to each person’s personal calling and can determine which solutions will work best for that particular individual. The intention is that you will be getting to know yourself in a deeper way, empowering you to make changes in your life and accelerate personal growth. 

 Through a combination of action steps, energy work, and exercises for your mind, body and spirit...change occurs...from the inside out.  

You don't need to be "spiritual" to work with an intuitive.  In one session you will see and feel the difference. You will feel more hopeful, uplifted, inspired, driven and clear. As a result, your life changes. You will be guided through the actions that will help you create the life you want.

All the answers are inside of you and an intuitive can help you develop your higher Self and inner voice.  You will make clearer, more balanced decisions, and open up your own intuitive voice to reach your highest potential.

It is all intended to help you help yourself. 

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